Thursday, Sep 03, 2017

Factors Considered When Determining Liability In A Slip And Fall Case

Each year, thousands of people are injured due to slip and fall accidents. Whether they happen at work, in a store, or a neighbor's property, these accidents can cause significant injuries and lead to extensive medical treatment, time missed from work, and tremendous pain and suffering. Because of this, many slip and fall victims choose to file a slip and fall injury claim to gain compensation for their injuries. However, while many victims assume they will have a winning case, there are many factors that figure into determining liability in a slip and fall case. Therefore, it's best to consult a slip and fall injury attorney whenever this situation occurs.



In any slip and fall accident, a lawyer will try to determine if the victim's carelessness led to or contributed to the accident. For example, if you were sending a text message while walking down a sidewalk and slipped when walking through a puddle, the court may determine your actions contributed to your accident, which could reduce the amount of damages you may receive. In these situations, expect insurance companies to spend much time looking at the potential aspects of carelessness, so be sure you have a slip and fall injury attorney on your side to handle these communications with insurance companies.

Maintaining Safe Conditions

For any property owner, it's important they take every reasonable precaution available to maintain safe conditions. By doing so, they lessen the chances they can be held liable for any injuries sustained on their property. However, even when safe conditions are maintained, the court will balance the conditions against the care the victim took while on the property, which can increase or decrease the amount of compensation gained from their slip and fall injury claim.

Property Owner Negligence

In many slip and fall cases, victims claim the property owner was negligent in their care of the property. For example, if a spill occurred in a store aisle and employees knew about it but failed to clean it up, the property owner could be held liable for a victim's damages. In addition to this, if a parking lot was left icy and a customer slipped when walking through the lot, the property owner may be held liable in this case as well. However, if you knowingly parked on ice and then slipped, you may have difficulty proving your case, or have your damages greatly reduced by the court.

Speak with an Attorney

If you've had a slip and fall accident under any circumstances, it's best to speak with a slip and fall injury attorney to determine who may be held liable. By having a free consultation, you'll be able to discuss your case in great detail with a person who can assess your case in an objective manner. If it's determined you have a viable case, your attorney can then begin legal proceedings that will help you gain the compensation you deserve to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.